Scaffold Tie Testing


A specified anchor or tie may be strong enough and specifically approved for the job but if it is installed incorrectly or into a weak material they will be compromised and potentially fail. That’s why the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has set out requirements for two types of test under the NASC Guidance Note ‘TG4:11 – Anchorage Systems for Scaffolding’:

• Preliminary Tests – To check the suitability and allowable loads of an anchor type in a particular base material.
• Proof Tests – Sample tests to check that anchors have been installed correctly, which is to be carried out on all jobs.

The TG4:17 describe a proof load test requirement is that of 1.5 x the design load. For heavy duty ties with a capacity of 12.2kN this would mean a test load of 18.3kN as an example.

Ensure Your Scaffold is Safe and Secure

Scaffold Tie/ Anchor testing is vital to ensure health and safety standards are adhered too with potentially such high consequences if an accident was to occur, to both people and property. Even if damage and injury are avoided during a collapse the scaffold company responsible could face a hefty fine and custodial sentence, therefore having your scaffold ties tested is an absolute necessity to ensure your scaffold is safe and secure.

A scaffold tie is the important connection that fastens the scaffolding to a solid structure preventing it from collapse. The purpose of the tie is to support the scaffolding in a vertical position so they can carry the weight of the structure, the boards, personnel and materials without buckling or failing. With scaffolding being exposed to potential hazards and risks such as high winds and vehicle collision, making sure the ties are installed and tested correctly is essential to protect from these risks.

Newton Force are trained and qualified in accordance with TG4:11 and BS 8539 to complete scaffold anchor testing on your behalf. We will issue detailed handover packs including test reports, photos and certification to evidence the scaffold ties have been installed correctly.

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