Pull Out Testing

Newton Force specialise in providing essential on-site pull out testing services throughout the UK.


The aim of undertaking pull out testing is to ascertain the installation quality, load capacities, strength and suitability of anchors and fixings, ensuring they are safe to use and fit for purpose as per its original design specification.
A Solution For All Situations
At Newton Force we utilise the latest testing equipment on the market supplied by Hydrajaws. They have spent years designing and developing the portable tension tester using their knowledge and experience to be able to provide us with such an accurate, efficient testing device. We have also invested in a number of different attachments and bridges for the testing equipment, this enables us to combat various potential on-site issues and find a solution for all situations.
Consistent High Standards

On completion of testing we will provide an extensive and detailed handover pack which will include performance results for each individual anchor or fixing that was tested on site. This will be supported with photographic evidence for every fixing while the pull test is being carried out to demonstrate the load that was achieved. The completion report offers clear and concise information with regards to the outcome of the testing and will highlight any potential issues. This enables our clients to make informed decisions ensuring health and safety regulations are complied with, being absolutely paramount.

Durability and Strength
The durability and strength of anchor bolts, eyebolts, scaffold ties and other hardware can be affected by various factors, therefore it is essential that these components are checked and tested on a regular basis. Visual examination is not sufficient, so pull out testing should be performed to highlight any unforeseen weakness in the bonding materials to ensure the fixing can support the intended load.
Why Is Pull Out Testing Important?

Ensure new and existing fixings are securely installed, safe to use and fit for purpose!
Failure over time causing the fixing or bonding material to weaken and become loose can be a result of varying temperature and weather conditions, improper use or misuse of the original intended design and direct damage to the hardware itself. In addition improper installation of new anchors and fixings whereby the relevant specification and guidelines has not been followed correctly can have severe consequences.

These factors can result in a failure of the fixing leading to much larger implications such as health & safety violations, destruction of property or a failure to meet the standard and regulations imposed by a particular manufacturer or industry.
It is therefore vital that pull out testing is carried out by trained and qualified engineers. Newton Force offers a fully impartial comprehensive service to deliver the results necessary to make informed decisions on either the next step to take, or provide peace of mind that the fixings are safe and secure.

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